Thinking of you Rach. Jan 30 2010 11:38 PM

By Stop the Increase of OD's on 5:29 PM

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Jan 30 2010 11:38 PM

This town makes me think of you everywhere I go. I am constantly reminded of good times we have had and I love every minute of it. Remember that time we wanted to be cool and drink wine coolers & we bought Zima! lol, we spit that shit out real quick. That was at the store on 90. & Everytime I pass that back road behind the high school I think of that night we went to Daphne Haunted Forrest and Brook had all those quarters and listening to VisaVersa. Dammit girl, I miss you. & the days of white eyeliner with silver eyeshadow over it & water bras + sports bra. Bethany knows what I'm talkin bout. love u xoxo

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